Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary

Board of Directors Recruiting Is Expanding

The Board of Directors of any organization or company plays a critical role in that entity’s existence and success. Its many duties include establishing the strategy and direction for the organization, selecting, supporting, and reviewing the performance of the chief executive, ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources, accounting to the stakeholders for the organization’s performance, and many others.

In light of these important duties, every board wants to make sure that it brings together the directors who will enable the organization to be the best it can be. Each new or replacement director will serve a key role in the board’s ability to accomplish its objectives.

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Why Should We Diversify Our Board of Directors

Getting Past “Because We Have To” and Realizing It Makes Real Business Sense

The most progressive and innovative companies and organizations are pushing for a more diverse workforce to perform executive-level positions and to sit on their boards of directors. The idea has gone from being a practice that is simply the right thing to do or that is required toward a more pragmatic realization that it makes real business sense.

A variety of studies and surveys are beginning to document that those companies which add diversity candidates to their boards are convinced that the company benefits quantitatively and qualitatively. McKinsey conducted a study of business leaders who indicated that those companies with female directors saw financial improvement in their organizations. The Big Four public accounting firms and a number of other large public companies have invested millions of dollars in their diversity programs because they realize “diversity is good for business”.

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