Chairman of the Board

A few years ago, our Board went through an extensive assessment of our member directors to determine what skill sets, business experiences, industry knowledge, and other characteristics we possessed and which ones were missing or underrepresented. We looked closely at the duties and obligations of our Board, and we carefully considered the current status, and more importantly, the future of the company, our customers, employees, management team, and the communities we serves.

From this assessment, we identified several opportunities to strengthen the capabilities of our Board and to make it more representative of the various constituencies we serve. We first determined that we needed an individual who could lead our Audit Committee. All of our board members were based in Dallas, yet the company serves Texas and the southwest; thus, we wanted this new board member to have a significant presence in Houston, San Antonio, or Austin. We also determined that to be representative of our customer and employee base, we needed to add a Hispanic female in this new board role.

Once we knew the person we wanted, we talked about potential candidates among ourselves, and we each actively surveyed our networks to identify individuals to approach. Unfortunately, this process did not produce the candidates which we were hoping to find. At this point, we engaged Carl Taylor to assist us with our search.

Carl identified several candidates who met our specific requirements. We interviewed these candidates, narrowed our choices, and selected an outstanding woman from San Antonio for our board. Carl’s search efforts went far beyond our board’s ability to network and find the right candidate on our own. We knew we were looking for a unique individual. Carl presented candidates who had the experiences we were seeking and who fit well with our board and company culture.

During the past two plus years, our Board has benefitted greatly from the service of this board member. She has been all we had hoped for and more as our Audit Committee Chairman, and she has provided outstanding contributions to our board discussions, planning processes, and company leadership. She has brought a valuable perspective to our board activities which has contributed greatly to the success of our company. In addition, she has provided new customer contacts, and she was instrumental in connecting us to our largest new service account which will generate over $2,000,000 this year.

Approximately a year after this person joined us, we engaged Carl again to identify and attract another new board member. The industry and functional skills which we sought were different, as we were seeking an individual with extensive international and manufacturing experience. We wanted to continue to diversify our board, and we specifically wanted an individual with a strong presence in the Houston market. Carl presented several outstanding candidates who met our stringent requirements, and we selected an executive from a large international industrial company to join our team. We have been very pleased with the contribution and perspective of this board member, and he has also brought very good customer contacts and new business to us.

We believe we are a much stronger board because of the addition of these new directors, and we know that our various constituencies are better served because of the broader perspective of our board members.